Alloy Steel International (ASI) is an independent international company with it’s manufacturing facility and head office in Perth, Western Australia.

ASI has established a good market presence during the last 15 years.

  • ASI is focused on producing protective wear liner systems that are maximising production through reducing production costs together with maintenance and repairs costs.
  • ASI manufactures specific grades of Arcoplate for various applications.
  • The Arcoplate product is complemented by our Metallurgical, Engineering & Design Service.

Board & Management

  • Alan Scott – Non-Executive Chairman
  • Steven Kostecki – Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer
  • Thushara Dahanayake – Company Secretary & Chief Financial Officer

Company History

The late Mr. Gene Kostecki was the creative genius responsible for the invention of Arcoplate. At the time of his invention, Mr. Kostecki was immersed in the mining industry in Western Australia. He identified the need for an innovative wear solution to improve the productivity of mining companies worldwide. After five years of experimentation and development on a prototype mill, Arcoplate was born.

The manufacturing of Arcoplate began in 1991, with the first commercial sale being achieved in the same year. Arcoplate’s first sale was the 305cm (12”) wide plate format and was produced on the original prototype mill. This model had been modified to allow for both commercial production as well as continuing research, design and product improvement.

Australian orders grew significantly in the first two years of operation. Then in 1993, the first export order was received from the United States. This represented a momentous break through.

The young Australian company, Arcoplate, had launched into the international wear plate market. With continuing demand for Arcoplate, Alloy Steel International (ASI) of Australia developed and manufactured its own in house production plant to produce 305mm and 610mm wear plates in multiple product thicknesses. To ensure consistent product quality, ASI continues to develop and manufacture all of its own production plant and processes in house.

Following market trends and an overwhelming demand from the mining industry, ASI designed a manufacturing plant able to produce wear plate in thicknesses up to 20/11 and in a 1270mm width. Arcoplate is currently exported to over 25 countries worldwide and has qualified representatives, office locations and distributors in the United States,  Chile, India, and throughout Australia.

To this day, Mr. Kostecki’s passion continues on with his sons, Steven Kostecki as Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Alloy Steel International, and Andrew Kostecki as President of Operations and Brand Development Manager in North America.

Mission Statement

“To continue our commitment to ongoing Research and development and the development of leading edge technology in Engineering and Wear Resistant Materials, as well as developing human Resources to develop and encourage the adoption of the World’s best practice in wear protection.”

Investor Relations

Alloy Steel International Inc. (AYSI) is the parent company of Alloy Steel (Int) Australia Pty Ltd. AYSI was incorporated in Delaware USA in September 2000 and listed on the OTCBB in July 2001 and acquired 100% of the share capital of Alloy Steel Australia (Int) Pty Ltd in June 2001. Alloy Steel Australia (Int) Pty Ltd, is the manufacturer of Arcoplate.

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