Our Values

The STARS program of Alloy Steel International brings five values which are followed by our team of professionals serving our mission:

    We aim to provide the best service, not only to our customer partners, but also to our fellow team members.
    We can only achieve our objectives by working closely as a team. This applies to how we work together internally as a team, as well as with our customer partners.
    We believe in taking charge of the situation and being responsible for our actions.
    Recognising the needs of our customer partners and people.
    Supporting our customer partners and team members to achieve their goals.

Our STARS logo incorporates the colours and part of the panel elements of the Arcoplate logo. The arrow head symbolizes a supersonic plane emerging from the sound barrier, a simile used by our team symbolizes our company’s next level of growth.

We don’t just sell wear plate. Rather, we deliver solutions. Our customers are our partners. Partners work things out, in the short term and for the long term. We have a team of people each playing a role in delivering our mission.

Our customer partners range from large multinational corporations to small and medium size public and private companies. They all have one thing in common; they expect Alloy Steel International to show a high level of performance in everything that we do – from courteously answering the phone, to delivering high quality solutions, on time and on budget.

Our aim is to perform at a level that exceeds all of our customer partners’ expectations.

Responsive customer service, quick quoting and on time delivery are just part of the service package which we must offer our customers. We don’t believe in complacency. Rather we constantly strive to enhance our competitive position through continuous improvement.

To go beyond fulfilling our customer partners’ needs requires the commitment of all of our team members. Our team members are informed of our customers’ needs and what must be done to be a successful supplier. We also encourage team involvement in customer specific projects.

We offer same day quotations for repeat order inquiries. Ninety (90) percent of all other inquiries are responded to within two (2) days.

Alloy Steel International understands the importance of fast turn around and on time delivery. We continually work to shorten our delivery times.

We offer our customers complete traceability to the raw materials from which their products are made. Certification with regard to chemical content and other required certifications are available on request.

Our customer partners are integral part of our business. Customer requirements and customer satisfaction are the building blocks on which Alloy Steel International’s success has been built. These will continue to be the foundations for future success.