Many products are available such as rubber, urethane, and ceramic. Each has applications in the correct conditions.

Rubber and urethane product are more resistible to impact although the life cycle is not comparable to the Arcoplate 1600, when you look at cost per pound of material produced. Ceramic certainly has applications in the high sliding abrasion areas, and ASI makes Arco Ceramic, which in manufactured in a new revolutionary way, and is ideal for sliding abrasion.

The ceramic wear plates are presented embedded in rubber (NR), to benefit from the impact absorbing qualities of rubber, to be assembled at environments which are under dense impact in addition to wear, thus providing excellent composite surface coating solutions against wear and impact problems.

The impermeability and vibration absorbing properties are increasing the life expectancy of the system, which it has been implemented on, and providing an ergonomic working environment. The plates and liners, which are presented in standard dimensions, can also be designed according to the customer demand.

Get more info from the Arcoceramics Brochure (PDF)

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