fixFixed Plant Applications – Mineral Processing

Typical fixed plant equipment consists of chutes, transfers, feed bins, fan boxes, fan blades, crushers, screen plates, cyclones and pipe spools.

Fixed plant applications are designed and engineered to maximise the mineral process handling and production. Fixed plant applications face many issues in abrasion and impact wear. Hang up can also contribute to high maintenance and down time.

Arcoplate 1600 and 8668 are commonly used in fixed plant applications and are both available in mill finish and the Arcoplate polished surface finishes.

In service polished Arcoplate is 39% less coefficient of friction than utility stainless steel making Arcoplate the industry leader for hang up reduction in chutes, conveyor systems hoppers, and feed bins.


Train Loadout liners

Liners for chutes in mining

Liners for Chutes, Tubs and Bins

Conveyor skirts

Conveyor skirts



Train Loadout liners

Arcoplate cyclones

Arcoplate advantages for fixed plant applications shows laboratory field test have proven to out perform QT plate by a factor great than 6 times and the conventional weld chromium carbide plate by 2 times.

Arcoplate life cycle cost benefit can be proven for all fixed plant applications by tonne per hour against mechanical break and the reduced cost of maintenance.

Arcoplate applications:

  • Crusher Feed Chutes
  • Fan Liners
  • Hoppers
  • Load Out Stations
  • Screen Discharge Feeder Chutes
  • Screens
  • Vibratory Discharge Chute

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