In mining environments Arcoplate has what it takes.

Across the globe Alloy Steel International continues to prove that even in the harshest Hard Rock mining giants are looking to Alloy Steel International’s Arcoplate.

In the past, Arcoplate has gained the respect of both local and international miners and equipment manufactures.

Arcoplate constantly provides more bang for your buck so mining and contracting companies alike are frequently specifying “Arcoplate – no substitutes”, on order requests for fixed and mobile equipment needs.

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Arcoplate is being chosen as the preferred wear liner for many large-scale Hard Rock mining operations. Countless independent lab test results show the impact resistance, abrasion resistance and low coefficient of friction unique to Arcoplate, make it possible to attain optimum results in abrasion resistance in all types of mining.

Alloy Steel International is committed to their customers and understands the need for reliable long-term results. Our sales team is constantly receiving inquiries for performance data, product availability and lead times of Arcoplate. To have a team that understands the cost of downtime, the urgency and exactly how Arcoplate will assist is very important to both the customer and ASI. We regularly compile service test data with our customers to promote the long-term benefits of Arcoplate and to demonstrate that Arcoplate has what it takes to achieve unrivaled results.

Alloy Steel International’s full engineering and design service enables Arcoplate to be supplied as a complete wear kit purpose designed to suit specific applications.

Arcoplate’s exceptional wear resistance and Anti Hang-up properties have many applications right across the entire mining and mineral extraction spectrum.

Be it the wear protection of mobile mining equipment or fixed plant in feeders, chutes, hoppers and bins.

Arcoplate to date clearly stands out against all other known alloy metallic wear resistant materials.

Arcoplate wear liners are widely accepted in the mining and mineral processing industries where they are being used to protect a host of plant and equipment at mines throughout the globe.

Whether you’re looking to improve productivity, reduce maintenance cost or increase profitability, Arcoplate has the perfect solution to meet your needs.