Wesfarmers Premier Coal; the largest coal mining operation in Western Australia, mines black coal at Collie, a location 200 kilometers from Perth.

The operation is open cut mining a product of a low ash and sulfur content. Approximately 25 million tonne of overburden and 3.5 million tonne of coal are mined each year.

P & H 2800 Shovels

The first trials were carried out in 1997 on P & H 2800 Shovel dippers. Arcoplate replaced a range of different wear applications primarily being Quenched & Tempered (AR Plate) products and various heat-treated and weld overlay materials.

Arcoplate – Installation Advantages Weight:

The first immediate advantage was a reduced weight factor. The Arcoplate used was 10 on 9 while other products previously used had been up to 40MM thick. This resulted in a weight saving of up to 50% on AR wear plate.

Currently results achieved on these shovels are:

  • Shovel 6 – 25 Millions BCM’s of material; wear plate approximately 50% worn.
  • Shovel 12 – 20 Million BCM’s of material; wear plate approximately 40% worn.
  • Shovel 14 – 42 Million BCM’s of material (28,000 hours) wear plate approximately 65% worn.

Haul Trucks
With excellent results being achieved using Arcoplate on the shovels it was decided to trial Arcoplate in the trays of the Euclid 260 haul trucks being used in the mine.

Prime reason for the use of Arcoplate in the trucks was to reduce and minimize carry back.

Results Achieved
Whilst the initial installation greatly reduced carry back after modification and design, carry back has been reduced to a minimum. It was not uncommon to see 30 – 40 tonne of carry back in the trays pre Arcoplate. Now the amounts we see are negligible.

Life Span
It has been found that tray liner kits of Arcoplate fitted to the trucks have been able to withstand impact loading over the life of the truck. Premier Coals Truck Fleet at the moment has 30,000 hours plus of usage time.

Wesfarmers Premier Coal have found that the utilization of Arcoplate in our truck fleet has been extremely successful in increasing the productivity of the fleet, which has resulted in time and of course cost savings.

Mobile Fleet
Premier Coal – Collie – Western Australia