Alloy Steel’s Arcoplate Wear Plate provides exceptional impact and abrasion resistance in the harsh mining conditions found in copper mines around the world.

Our patented process metallurgically forms Arcoplate’s unique microstructure. This allows Arcoplate to have an evenly dispersed carbide count of more than 55%, therefore providing the best resistance to abrasion of any wear plate on the market.

Arcoplate is used globally in numerous vital industries and can be used in most applications or be custom designed to your specifications. Arcoplate works exceptionally well in applications where abrasion, impact, gouging, erosion, temperature extremes and hang-up or carry-back are experienced.

The Arcoplate 1600 is the preferred choice for use in all applications where impact, abrasion and gouging are an issue

The 8668 plates are Arcoplate high temperature grade of up to 700c and are resistant to impact.

Arcoplate is a proven leading wear product backed by the knowledge and expertise of an experienced design and engineering team. Arcoplate delivers cost and time saving benefits while minimizing downtime and maximizing profits!

Choose Arcoplate to maximize your Copper Mining Operation’s full potential by increasing your equipment’s wear life, eliminating carry-back and reducing your down time.

Whether you’re looking to improve productivity, reduce maintenance cost or increase profitability, Arcoplate has the perfect solution to meet your needs.