Copper Mine

A large copper mine in Zambia operates in a very isolated region making longevity of performance and reliability all the more fundamental to mining success.

Prior to using Arcoplate all stockpile feeders, discharge feeders were lined with a 32mm thick competitor wear liner. 1900 hours service (12 weeks) was common before a total replacement was required – until Arcoplate.

Arcoplate 16mm overlay chosen for its longevity of performance was recommended and installed by Wearx. This now enabled the feeders to achieve 7000 hours service completely maintenance free. With some further Wearx design enhancements to the liners and incorporating removable tubs over the last year more weeks were added to the maintenance windows.

Now with the choice of 20mm overlay (3/4”) we expect to deliver well in excess of 10000 hours service (72 weeks). These results are very consistent for many of our projects.

To build our business together, it has never been the frequency of supply that we rely on but rather the longevity of performance to exceed expectations. This affords us a great reputation for quality and cost saving efforts and promotes mutual business growth.