The Ernest Henry Mine is a large copper mine located in eastern Australia in Queensland

Ernest Henry represents one of the largest copper reserves in Australia and in the world having estimated reserves of 167 million tonne of ore grading 1.1% copper and 2.67 million ounces of gold.

As per our conservation I am very happy with the life we have achieved since we started to replace the rear third of our wear package in the 830E bodies with Arcoplate.

Previously we had fitted 20mm 400 grade Q&T plate, which would only achieve 5,000hrs before requiring replacement.

The first sheets of Arcoplate were fitted back on the 11/06/2001 and these plates are still in service with currently 14,518hrs on them.

These are now due for replacement, which means we are achieving 3 times the life of 400, grade Q&T.

This has reduced our costs significantly, with labor, down time and material having not had to revisit this wear package every 5,000hrs this is a big saving over the 19 x 830E trucks we have on site.

Currently all trucks have had Arcoplate fitted to the rear wear package area of our bodies.

Greg Burgess Ernest Henry Mine