gold-miningAn optimal leading wear solution, Arcoplate offers superior quality unparalleled in the industry.

To prevent equipment wear from heavy impact and abrasion found in gold mines, Arcoplate offers a high quality solution for increased productivity, increased profits and reduced downtime.

The Arcoplate 1600 is the optimal choice for gold mining due to its exceptional impact and abrasion resistance for the most challenging conditions.

The various grades of Arcoplate derive high abrasion resistance from the very hard M7C3 carbide (1500-1800). Combined with more than 55% of carbide dispersed through a softer matrix, the alloy with the highest percentage, the most evenly dispersed and hardest will result in the best resistance to abrasion.

Arcoplate comes in mill finish and ultra polished for anti hang up issues or carry back issues.

Arcoplate is available in several sizes of plate thicknesses’

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Other thicknesses are available upon request

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To find out more about how the Arcoplate Advantage can save your operation, time and money, request a quote.