iron-ore-miningHaving wear issues in your iron ore mining and processing industry? Are you concerned about lost production and downtime?

Arcoplate’s world patented manufacturing process guarantees hardness, microstructure and surface finish of a far superior quality than any welded wear plate of similar composition. Field trials in the iron ore processing industry show that Arcoplate will out perform welded wear plate of a similar metallurgical composition in terms of wear life up by up to 10 times.

If you are involved in the iron ore mining and processing industry, and are concerned about lost production and downtime, then Alloy Steel International is happy to discuss wear solutions with you.

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Arcoplate is used successfully in installations that include apron feeders, pan feeders, crusher liners, conveyor skirt liners, transfer chutes, cyclones, buckets, train load out chutes, dozer blades, truck bed, bucket, and loader liners.

Ore processing equipment is subject to continuous sliding abrasion and requires a product that will have the ability to withstand fine particle abrasion and gouging. QT steels are generally being used due to the low initial cost.

However, those initial low cost savings with QT steels and weld type overlays are soon eroded through the high cost of down time and productivity losses.

Some 60 % of the earth’s crust is made up of Silica (quartz) which has a nominal hardness of 8000 Hv compared to QT carbon steel with a nominal hardness ranging from 300-500 Hv. These materials are no match for the most common of substances like quartz on earth.

Only Arcoplate can offer a structure packed tightly with Cr7C3 chromium carbides with a typical nominal hardness of 1600 Hv. The Arcoplate patented method of thermal cladding produces on average 70 % of the total volume of alloy overlay as Cr7C3 carbide.

Hundreds of field applications clearly demonstrate that Arcoplate is by far the most cost effective wear solution available for the production and plant maintenance engineer. Arcoplate will significantly reduce weight and will greatly reduce downtime saving your operation time and money.

Arcoplate’s wear plate reduces maintenance cost, provides for less downtime and increases production.

An optimal leading wear solution, Arcoplate offers superior quality unparalleled in the industry.

Whether you’re looking to improve productivity, reduce maintenance cost or increase profitability, Arcoplate has the perfect solution to meet your needs.