Arcoplate mobile plant applications are in high demand in mining.

Arcoplate offers premium protection against abrasion, impact and carry back material.

Arcoplate liners are available in ready to fit kit form and can be formed and cut to the specific needs of the application.

Arcoplate packages reduce maintenance costs, contributing to less downtime and increased production.

Typical mobile plant Arcoplate Kits consist of: Dozers, Trucks, Excavators, Shovels, Loader Buckets, Graders.

Arcoplate 1600 is the most desirable product in mobile plant applications where high abrasion and/or hang up issues occur.

The Arcoplate 1600-polished plate is 39% less coefficient of friction than utility stainless steel.

The standard Arcoplate anti hang up kit can save up to 30% in tipping time with less than 1% of carry back.

Laboratory and field test have proven to outperform Q&T plate by a factor of up to 10 times and for conventional weld chromium carbide plate up to 2 times the life.

The Arcoplate life cycle cost benefit has been proven for all mobile plant applications by tonne per hour against mechanical break and the reduced cost of maintenance. The superior quality and proven innovation makes Arcoplate Wear Plate the best solution for all your wear issues.

To see the results of Arcoplate in specific Applications, select:

a2Dozer Blades

The use of Arcoplate Wear Kits on Dozers can enable 50,000 hours wear life.

The installation is very quick, very price competitive and virtually maintenance free. That equates to a “fit and forget” strategy in most mining environments.

a3Truck Body Wear Liners

Arcoplate wear kits increase the wear life on truck bodies by 200% to 300%.

Arcoplate’s ranges of overlays offer superior wear protection where high abrasion and hang-up issues occur.

Choose Arcoplate to maximize the service life of your equipment, reduce downtime and save money.

a1Underground Trays

Upon completion of a very successful 12-month trial in Hard Rock, the underground operation has opted to line the entire fleet with Arcoplate.


Excavators, Shovels and Loader Buckets with Arcoplate kits are in high demand as they clearly exhibit cost reductions and extended maintenance windows throughout the life of the kit.


Anti hang up kits: Dump trucks


Earthmoving Buckets


Bull Dozers

Arcoplate’s superior quality, proven innovation and performance make it the best wear plate solution for all your wear issues