Arcoplate Liner Kit Longevity

Arcoplate is a chromium rich alloy overlay plate with an evenly dispersed high saturation of carbide returning previously unheard of results with wear resistance, high impact and Anti Hang-up properties.

At Mt Thorley/Warkworth Coal – Rio Tinto, the entire fleet of Komatsu 830E trucks have been fitted with an Arcoplate 1600 grade wear package on the “dove tail” high velocity section. After 10,000 hours service there was no visible sign of wear present on the Arcoplate.

The Arcoplate at MTW Coal – Rio Tinto, was projected to exceed 40,000 hours with little to no maintenance required.

The pictures below show the significant difference Arcoplate has had over conventional Quenched and Tempered materials.

At 16,000 hours service the Arcoplate had worn approximately 3mm as opposed to the conventional liners that were in need of replacement for the same hour’s service. A decision was firmly made to fit out the entire fleet with Arcoplate in the high velocity section. The first 830E was fitted out in May 2005.

Now (2013), with over 7 years’ service on most of the fleet the Arcoplate is in need of only minor maintenance prior to the fleet being retired end of 2014. Due to the ongoing success of Arcoplate at MTW we have also tailored and supplied kits for their entire fleet of Cat 789 trays.

Arcoplate’s uniform hardness and superior microstructure allows for clear projection of wear rates so unplanned maintenance costs are avoided. Arcoplate helps to maintain structural integrity in all fixed and mobile plant. Alloy Steel International kit designs dramatically improve load discharge and significantly reduce carry back material.