In Batu Hijau ASI was invited to conducted thickness checks on the fleet of 116, 793C truck bodies.

This was undertaken in conjunction with Newmont Mining and their client Caterpillar. After 12 months service it was determined that the average wear for 6000 hours service on the Arcoplate 10/9 floor was a loss of 1mm (0.042”).

Predicted wear life for the Arcoplate at the current rate of 1.2mm per annum (worst case) would achieve a life expectancy of approx.

8 years or 48,000 hours. ASI don’t suggest we can attain these results without some periodic maintenance to the floors in this environment, however, the new design Arcoplate kits will be far less to maintain and cost far less per cycle to run than any other wear kit on the market.

Truck 58 is one of about 9 trucks at Batu Hijau fitted with a full Rock Box wear kit liner (not recommended by ASI) in the high velocity tail section. It was noted when these trucks are tipping that the tipping cycle is approx.

30% slower than the Arcoplate kits. Video taken of both wear kit applications revealed that the Arcoplate kits are constantly empty at 70% lift and tipping time is 22 to 23 seconds.

The Rock Box kits are all still ejecting at 100% lift every time and take 30 to 32 seconds to fully eject.