Using Arcoplate in the Construction and building industry is the preferred choice in applications where there is impact and sliding abrasion.

Material that is subject to wear is more orientated to the Oem manufactures and the commercial housing markets with high sliding abrasion applications.

Fixed plant and mobile plant applications are typically used in the construction industry whether its building bricks or road repaving equipment.

Arcoplate’s Ultra super smooth finish is a non-directional plate unlike the opposition’s weld overlay process. Arcoplate’s Super polish is 39% less coefficient of Friction, better than stainless steel. Arcoplate’s microstructure has more than 60% carbide content.

Arcoplate 1600 wear plate is ultra smooth and the ideal choice for road paving machines or fixed plant equipment of reclamation of concrete or sand stone. Our life cycle cost industry shows Arcoplate is greater than 2 times the life of the welded overlay process.

Choose Arcoplate to maximize your business full potential by reducing your down time and increasing your profits.

For a specific application of construction with Arcoplate

  • Highway Construction
  • Brick Production
  • Concrete Mixer Plants
  • Material Handling
  • Dozer Blade Wear Liner Kits
  • Loader bucket Wear Liner Kits
  • Truck Body Wear Liner Kits
  • Excavator Bucket Wear Liner Kits
  • Train Load Out Station
  • Transfer Chutes
  • Gate Systems

Whether you’re looking to improve productivity, reduce maintenance cost or increase profitability, Arcoplate has the perfect solution to meet your needs.