Cement & Concrete Industry Applications

In cement manufacturing, fine particle abrasion is a very significant cause of shutdowns and production losses. Arcoplate’s unique microstructure, with its ultra fine and high volume of chromium carbides and other complex carbide structures, are capable of resisting wear due to fine particle (and in some cases high temperature abrasion).

Field trials worldwide have clearly demonstrated that Arcoplate outperforms all forms of welded wear plate. The extremely high density of primary and secondary carbides, uniformly dispersed throughout the entire thickness of the alloy overlay, ensures performance like no other!

Arcoplate’s unique and smooth surface finish adds to the technical superiority of the microstructure. This greatly reduces cavitation and turbulence erosion.


Cement Cyclone & Fan Liners

Large quantities of bulk material are handled in the conveying and storing systems of cement plants.

Unless protected, these systems will experience frequent failure requiring repair or replacement.

Arcoplate fabricated Cyclones 6 mm overlay with 7 mm backing plate have proven to be extremely cost effective in the cement industry.

Arcoplate fan liners are also extensively used in cement plants.