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Hydropower is the most important and widely used renewal source of energy on the planet. Hydropower does not pollute the water or the air. Most hydroelectric power plants have dams and reservoirs for water storage. The force of falling water from a certain height produces the hydroelectric energy.

The continuous pounding of silt-laded water creates the ideal environment for frequent maintenance of underwater mechanical components of hydropower plants due to the combination action of silt and cavitation erosion.

The effect of the combined action of abrasion and cavitation on steel liners and hydraulic turbines in silt-laden waters is so severe that it rapidly shortens the service life of these underwater components.

Silt erosion of underwater mechanical components is a gradual and progressive process of loss of the steel materials as a result of abrasive and impact actions of the silt under flow conditions. Ductile materials are normally susceptible to abrasive erosion whereas brittle materials are susceptible to impact erosion.

Limiting and managing the erosion of dam bottom outlet/sluiceway steel liners and underwater components of hydropower plants and pumps in silt-laden environments is a challenging problem encountered by hydropower plant owners around the world.

To learn more, reference the Roseires Dam in Sudan, North Africa.

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