Arcoplate has been instrumental in reducing downtime, and increasing profits in the power generation industry.

Power generation has becomes an increasingly important topic in economical, political and environmental issues worldwide. Power generation finds itself as one of the most important industries in the world today.

Arcoplate has been developed to make a global impact in the industry by delivering cost and time saving benefits while minimizing downtime and maximizing profits!

In the power generation industry, common wear issues in fixed plant application process and maintenance are typically caused by abrasion wear and material hang up situations.

Arcoplate has a solution to suit your specific needs, whether it is fossil fuel or hydro power. The Arcoplate life cycle cost analysis can determine the cost saving by using the Arcoplate 1600 or 8668 alloy grade. The Arcoplate solution will reduce down time, saving you time and money!

  • Dozer Blade Wear Liner
  • Loader Buck
  • Truck Body Wear Liner
  • Excavator Bucket liner
  • Front End Loader Bucket Liners
  • Train Load Out Station
  • Transfer Chutes
  • Screens
  • Coal storage liners
  • Screening systems
  • Overlay Pipes

For all your wear needs, rely on Arcoplate to reduce unscheduled downtime, extend the wear life of your equipment and save your operation money