Arcoplate understands that different wear factors call for different product options

Our products:

Arcoplate 1600 – wear resistant metallic alloy fused on mild steel backing plate.

Arcoplate alloy steel plate has been commercially available for nearly 25 years and it started as a reaction to wear products with unpredictable wear life.

Arcoplate is a wear resistant fused alloy steel plate manufactured by Alloy Steel International in Western Australia. It is a smooth dense, chromium carbide rich overlay plate manufactured by a patented production process to maximise abrasion resistance and reduce hang up no matter what the operating conditions. Manufactured to a patented production process, all mill functions are fully computer controlled within parameters of ± 1%. This controls the chemistry and minimises the base metal dilution thereby giving predictable wear rates and component life. This patented process enables greater percentages of chromium to be used resulting in an even distribution and orientation of carbide throughout the alloy matrix. These parameters enable us to provide a much longer lasting undiluted overlay with a very low co-efficient of friction with the finished product having no weld beads to interrupt material flow.

Arcoplate can be rolled, pressed or polished. It is high wearing and high impact resistant. Arcoplate is stress relieved in manufacture and maintains a true hardness value that is constant from the surface right to the fusion line.

As an added benefit, Arcoplate is also the only fused alloy plate that has outstanding Anti Hang-up properties. As the patented method of production allows for higher percentages of chromium and as it is produced flat with no weld bead, Arcoplate can be ordered pre-polished as an “Anti Hang-up”/ wear plate. The polished surface is maintained by the natural material flow throughout the life of the plate creating smooth laminar flow that doesn’t allow micro particles to build causing hang-up/carry back on equipment which is another major cause of production loss.

Alloy Steel International’s full engineering and design service enables Arcoplate to be supplied as a complete wear kit fully designed and tailored to suit specific applications.

Arcoplate 1600T is Alloy Steel International’s newest development designed for areas that experience the most severe abrasion.

Alloy Steel International is known worldwide for ability to engineer universal, specialised and custom made wear resistant alloys, – Arcoplate 1600T is no exception. Alloy Steel International’s special manufacturing process, allows Arcoplate 1600T to offer an addition of tungsten carbides dispersed consistently throughout the alloy matrix. Tungsten carbides present in 1600T alloy fill in spaces between larger chromium carbides, further reducing already tight inter-carbide spacing within the alloy matrix, in effect limiting matrix exposure to fine and coarse particle abrasion.

Arcoplate 1600T alloy matrix is also made more impact resistant by other added alloying elements, ensuring stronger bond between tungsten carbides, chromium carbides and carbide retaining matrix.  1600T alloy manufacturing process is computer controlled and the unique fusion technology provides just enough base metal dilution for 100% metallurgical bond between alloy and base metal. Measured and controlled cooling rates provide perfect conditions for carbides formation, producing a dense and very tough alloy composite microstructure.

Our manufacturing process produces complex metal carbide saturated wear resistant alloy that is: consistent, predictable and dependable. As always, every thickness of every  Arcoplate alloy type – is produced in a single pass deposition ranging from 6mm Alloy on a 7mm backing plate, right through to our new 30 mm Alloy on a 13 mm backing plate.

Here at ASI you won’t find any multi-pass conventional submerged arc welding methods, that result in uneven heating producing high dilution, poor carbide formation and non-uniform hardness.

Arcoplate 1600T – is Pure Performance.

Tailoring our products to your operational requirements, ASI now also offers specialised custom made wear resistant Arcoplate alloys.

Metals with strong affinity to carbon are strong carbide formers and can be used in production of specialised wear resistant Arcoplate alloys in varying proportions.

Substantial cost increases are prevalent in manufacturing of specialised alloys due to very high additional cost inputs.

Nevertheless, final product perceived high price is always much lower when compared to productivity gains in demanding high production volume, high capital and operational cost applications.

Arcoplate 8668 has similar properties to Arcoplate 1600 however it is specifically designed for high temperature applications. The 8668 grade is suitable for applications where long term extreme operating temperatures in the range of 700 degrease C are experienced.

Arcoplate is offered in different grades, thicknesses and finishes. With the limitless combination of product options, there is an Arcoplate solution to suit your wear or hang-up needs.

alloyArcoplate Grades

Arcoplate is offered in two alloy grades, the most popular being the 1600 grade due to its high abrasion and high impact qualities.

The 8668 grade is suitable for applications where high temperatures are experienced. Arcoplate is offered in different grades, thicknesses and finishes. There is an Arcoplate solution to suit your wear or hang-up needs.

The team at Alloy Steel understands that different wear factors call for different product options.

Arcoplate is offered in different grades, thicknesses and finishes. With the almost endless combination of product options, there is an Arcoplate solution to suit your wear or hang-up needs.

Alloy GradeAbrasion  Impact High Temp Anti-Hang Up
+ Cyclic temperatures

imgArcoplate Thicknesses

Arcoplate consists of a dense, chromium-carbide rich alloy overlay that is fused onto a mild steel base plate. Arcoplate is offered in a range of thicknesses to meet various material handling applications.

The range starts with the 6/7 (6mm alloy on 7mm base plate) for applications where liner weight reduction is important.

The long wearing 20/11 (20mm alloy on 11mm base plate) completes the range and is a popular choice among operations where material wear is at its greatest.Whatever your needs, there is a thickness option to suit.
Alloy Stock ThicknessBase Metal Thickness
6 mm (1/4”)7 mm (1/4”), 9 mm (3/8”), 11 mm (7/16”)
8 mm (5/16”)7 mm (1/4”), 9 mm (3/8”), 11 mm (7/16”)
10 mm (3/8”)7 mm (1/4”), 9 mm (3/8”), 11 mm (7/16”)
12 mm (1/2”)11 mm (7/16”), 9 mm (3/8”)
16 mm (5/8”)11 mm (7/16”)
20mm (3/4”)11 mm (7/16”)
24mm (15/16”)13mm (1/2”), 15mm (5/8”)
31mm (1 3/16”)15mm (5/8”)

Other thicknesses are available upon request

Arcoplate Stock Sheet™: 1270 mm x 3080 mm Arcoplate Broad Sheet™: from 1900 mm x 3080 mm

newSurface Finishes

Material hang-up and carry-back are costly issues. Arcoplate is available in either mill or polished finishes.

Arcoplate is available in three finishes for different material flow requirements.

Arcoplate’s standard finish offers a smooth finish that actually becomes smoother the more it is used.

Arcoplate’s polished finish is recommended for applications where hang-up and carry-back are experienced.
The ultra finish is recommended for the most demanding of situations where material flow needs to be instantly improved.


For all your wear needs, rely on Arcoplate to reduce unscheduled downtime, extend the wear life of your equipment and save your operation money!