Wyoming, USA

Arcoplate 10mm/9mm wear liner applied to this 4100 shovel bucket. At recent inspection, wear plates measured 17.5mm to 18mm of Arcoplate remaining.

That’s 1mm to 1.5mm of wear after 4,758 hours of operation removing 12,500,000 yards of overburden in a pre strip operation.

Projected life of Arcoplate at 50,000 hours after inspection.


Komatsu 465

Figures indicate the thickness of the Arcoplate and the centre liner.

It is evident that the centre liner is wearing out faster and the Arcoplate is resisting and slowing the centre wear.

The original Arcoplate was 6mm Alloy on 9 mm backing plate (15mm total).

Additionally, the hang up has been reduced significantly from previous 3-5 tonne to what is visible now, estimated to be around 200kgs, Further more this has been caused from the transitions along the wall hanging up and collecting towards the Arcoplate


Komatsu 930E2 Dump Truck, Chile

Last third of truck body installed with Arcoplate 1600, 10mm on 9mm.

After two inspections, was determined that the estimated life of the wear plate would be in excess of 20,000 hours.

This significantly reduced this company’s down time and maintenance schedule.


Iron Ore Loadout Facility, Brazil

Arcoplate was tested against two competitors at an iron ore load out facility in Brazil.

After ten months of wear, all three were compared.

In test area number one, Arcoplate had a lost weight, in kilos, of 1.49, whilst competitor A had 2.39 and competitor B had 3.81.

At test area number two, Arcoplate had a lost weight, in kilos, of 2.33, whilst competitor A had 3.23 and competitor B was N/A.

In this picture, Arcoplate is on the far left and competitor A is in the middle and competitor B is on the right.


Grader, Tasmania

Arcoplate 6mm on 9mm installed on grader blade and used in a harsh environment in Tasmania. Two years later, Arcoplate is going strong.


Hang Up Issue Resolved

Kotmatsu PC2000 bucket before Arcoplate, after Arcoplate.