Armatuff – Ceramic Wear Resistant Liners

(Available in both Rubber & Polyurethane Composites)

ArmaTuff ceramics are an advanced wear product supplied by Alloy Steel International.

ArmaTuff liners combine exceptionally abrasion resistant alumina tiles, imbedded in an impact resistant polyurethane or rubber elastomer, to provide an outstanding wear solution and cost saving measure to many mining operations and process industries.

ArmaTuff is a versatile product range specifically designed to protect against the most extreme of abrasive environments including, but not limited to:

  • Chute liners
  • Cyclone liners
  • Conveyor skirt liners
  • Process piping
  • Deflector plates
  • Screen feed plates
  • Reclaimer chutes

05Armatuff – Reduces Costs

As one of the hardest materials known, Alumina is far superior to steel plate when it comes to protection against abrasion.

The extremely hard ceramic tiles (92% Alumina) protect equipment from wear & deterioration, significantly increasing wear life and thereby reducing shutdown requirements and associated maintenance costs.

Several different ceramic tile designs are available to suit specific material and operating conditions.

ArmaTuff Ceramics are suited to a wide range of fixed plant applications. Enquire today.

03Ceramic Alone or Rubber Backed?

ArmaTuff ceramic wear resistant tiles are available in Rubber or Polyurethane encased liners, excellent in high abrasion applications with the ability to absorb impact. Direct bond is also available for lower impact applications – both offering excellent sliding abrasion resistance.

Engineered Solutions

Alloy Steel International provide our clients with support services in mechanical and design engineering, ensuring the most efficient and effective layout and design to maximize wear life, material flow rates and ultimately enhance savings.

Sizes Available

  • 37mm & 63mm thick Rubber and PU Bonded Ceramic Wear Liners (All standard and custom sizes available).
  • Direct Bond Ceramics in 6mm, 13mm, 25mm & 50mm thicknesses are also available in 150mm x 100mm tile sizes.