Top Ten Reasons To Choose Arcoplate

Looking for a superior wear plate solution?
Here is our client’s list of the top ten reasons for choosing Arcoplate over the competition

With an unrivaled rate of wear resistance, Arcoplate wear liners proven performance last longer, producing savings in terms of time and money.

The chemical composition, microstructure and bulk hardness are the factors that attribute to Arcoplate’s superior impact and abrasion resistance.

Material hang-up and carry-back is a costly problem. Material sticking to trays reduces production capacity, increases fuel and maintenance costs.

Arcoplate’s mild steel backing enables Arcoplate liners to be fixed into place using traditional welding and studding techniques.

Unlike plastic, rubber and ceramic products, Arcoplate does not require unique glues or adhesives (or the associated skilled team) to install. This results in new and replacement liners being able to be replaced without fuss, providing even further savings in terms of time and money.

A solution that truly provides demonstrated savings. Arcoplate offers a completely unrivaled suite of features and benefits while helping your operation save on a number of fronts.

The secret to Arcoplate’s proven performance lies in the way Arcoplate is made. Arcoplate is composed of an alloy overlay that is strongly fused to a carbon steel base.

Arcoplate’s overlay is a fused alloy layer made up of an abundance of strong carbides embedded in a tough matrix. With this layer being created using a single pass computerized process, a stronger metallurgical bond is formed, eliminating some of the major drawbacks associated with other wear products.

Scientific laboratory and on-site field tests reveal that Arcoplate will outperform
Quenched and Tempered Steel plate by a factor greater than 6:1
Weld overlay by a factor of up to 4:1

Having provided many different solutions, for various mobile machinery brands and models, chances are that the team at Arcoplate has a kit design ready for you. You can choose from a wide variety of ready to go kits, for such brands as Caterpillar, Liebherr, Komatsu and P&H.

Arcoplate’s Metallurgical, Engineering and Design team is there to help you. With extensive experience in wear management and wear design, the Arcoplate team can provide you the perfect custom designed wear plate to fit your specifications.

High Abrasion and Moderate to High Impact. Cyclic temperatures up to 700oC Nominal Hardness: 650Hv – 56Rc – 585BHN

If you’re interested in saving money and eliminating the obstacles faced with wear plates. Get in touch with an Arcoplate Consultant today.